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tourism Travel and Leisure




  •  A thing that has become very popular in the tourism and travel industry is single traveling alone as well as travel companions for singles. A great thing to note is the fact that package holidays for singles are made complete. These can be either escorted or cruise holidays and a good thing about escorted single holidays is that you will go on the trip with companions that you can get along with.

  • Travelling in a group is not only adventurous but also provides a great environment even though each single person can make an individual decision regarding the many options available. It is not possible for you to get lost since there is a tour guide provided. This is important since the more you can learn about something, the more appealing it becomes. The presence of other travel mates makes the experience great fun and you will always have someone to talk to. Creating friends will be easy and this may lead to a friendship that will last for a long time or even lead to a “more than a friend

  • Do you ever wonder about how you can shape your future in Tourism and travel industry when you contemplate your career in tourism management? The hospitality management courses include some new astonishing trends in Tourism and travels:

  1. Bid Adieu to Business Class:

    According to a recent survey done it was found that over the coming year, 58% of journeyers are expected to travel less for the purpose of business. The orientation of the future strategies of tourism management inclined towards the under-25 market for which the significance is increasing rapidly.

  2. The New Concept of New-Style Lobbies:

    Traditionally, there has been a transitional zone in hotel lobby, as these travelers used to check-in there is a place for them to park their baggage. But this concept has changed to a huge extent, now lobbies are considered as a potential place for gathering by the tourism management staff, where the guests would never want to leave such lobbies and if desired they can even get to know each other. Curate bookshelves, espresso machines, and coffeehouse tables are the main features and elements of these new style lobbies.

  3. Practicing Online Booking:

    The times when you use to call from your landline for making a booking in hotel appear to be over. Today the stays are booked online by most of the guest. The overview of the latest Internet Booking Technology must be included in the Hospitality management.

  4. Boutique Hotel evolution:

    As the travelers opt for the smaller ones, thus the era of the big-name hotels may be over, instead of this boutique options can be personalized more.

  5. Bio-metric Check-in:

    Unlike the airports and various other places soon the hotel lobbies will have the feature of Self check-in kiosks. This feature is appealing especially for those travelers who would like to check in instantaneously and quickly. These features also help in saving the expenditures on Human resources.

  6. Personal Care Products:

    Pumps are being installed in several hotels for the personal care products in the shower. The double advantage of saving the money can be taken by these devices as we can reduce the cost of packaging that is done on the complimentary mini bottles of shampoo, lotion and conditioners.

  7. Showers rather than bath:

    Just to satisfy the special needs of customers or who are travelling with small children for them keeping a small percentage of baths on one hand, the hotels nowadays are building more bathrooms with showers.

Hope you are intrigued by these trends of Hospitality management and will implement these, if you are or if you wish to make your career in Tourisms and travels.